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This is something different. We offer an environment of privacy, personalization, professionalism, compassion and skill that is unlike anything else on the central coast. We are an all Physical Therapist company - that's right, no aides or untrained staff. Your time will be spent solely with a licensed Physical TherapistAs experts in the field of Physical Therapy with decades of experience, we know the  mechanical, Western ways of exercising and rehabilitating injuries: how to stretch, how to strengthen, how to move the physical body. We are manual therapists, with many hands-on techniques that relieve pain and speed recovery. We also are open to sharing more holistic techniques, such as relaxation and breathing techniques, mindfulness and visualization to support healing and help you feel good again.

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Santa Maria
5075 S. Bradley Rd., Suite 121
Santa Maria, CA 93455
Phone (805) 934-0663
Fax (805) 556-0710

5075 South Bradley Road, Suite 121,     Santa Maria/Orcutt, CA    93455

  Phone: (805) 934-0663


Copyright © [Active Physical Therapy, Inc]. All rights reserved.

Copyright © [Active Physical Therapy, Inc]. All rights reserved.


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"We help people who need Physical Therapy but don't want to be in a gym - by offering a quiet, healing environment with the one-on-one attention of ONLY expert, Licensed Physical Therapists each entire treatment session."